Quantifying The ROI Of Water Recycling In The Lower 48

The 21st Congress In This Series And The First Edition Devoted To E&P Perspectives On Produced Water Management Across The Lower 48

Operators from the lower forty-eight are battling through the harsh economic climate but shale production rates continue to grow, challenging companies with the handling of vast quantities of produced water.

E&P leaders also face the threat of escalating regulations on seismicity and water disposal, and must now answer some crucial questions:

What is the cost vs. performance of water filtration, chemical treatment and desalination technologies?

How are US-based E&Ps overcoming state regulations on disposal and seismicity in regions like Texas?

Can water recycling replace water disposal as a viable economic option in the Lower 48?

In the current climate is imperative that operators optimize operational efficiency and lower break evens. With water sourcing and disposal representing some of the highest costs for unconventional operators, the time to investigate in-depth water recycling strategies is now.

The 21st event in the series but the first to feature solutions from across the Lower-48, the US Shale Plays Produced Water Management Congress will come to Houston for the first time on October 28 - 29, featuring expert contributions from E&Ps including SandRidge Energy, BOPCO and QEP Resources, as well as regulatory clarification from the Texas Railroad Commission.

Matters To be Discussed Throughout The Congress:

  • Comprehensive Water Management Strategies
  • Innovation In Water Treatment And Recycling
  • Frac And Chemical Compatibilities
  • Transferrable Lessons In Lower Forty-Eight Water Management
  • Dealing With Regulatory Change
  • Automation And Water Handling

Key Topics To Be Highlighted On The Agenda:

  • WATER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM OVERVIEW : Presenting A Comprehensive Cradle-To-Grave Study Encompassing All Aspects Of Water Management To Drive Optimal Profit Margins
  • IN-DEPTH WATER TREATMENT : Scrutinizing The Specifics Of Technical Water Treatment Methods And Best Practices To Enhance Play Compatibilities And Eliminate Problems Downhole
  • PLAY-SPECIFIC RECYCLING CASE STUDIES : Outlining Examples Of Successful Water Recycling Programs On The Permian And The Eagleford To Ensure Specific Solutions To Individual Issues
  • REGULATION ON SEISMICITY AND DISPOSAL : Delving Into The Most Recent Regulatory Updates On Seismicity And Disposal To Secure Prescient And Profitable Disposal And Recycling Strategies
  • REFRACKING : Delineating The Crucial Differences And Similarities Between Frac And Refrac Operations To Ensure Regulatory Compliance, Successful Public Relations And Maximum Economic Rewards
  • WATER LOGISTICS TECHNOLOGY : Describing The Latest Developments In Sourcing, Storage, Transportation To Minimize Water Spill Liabilities And Enhance Operational Efficiency


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